Contract Lift CPA

A Contract Lift is the full service where we will supply the crane, operator, banksman / slinger signaller and the necessary arrangements including insurance cover if things go wrong.

For a Contract Lift we will:

  • Provide the necessary Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Lift Plans and Drawings

  • Provide a trained Crane Operator

  • Provide a trained banksman / slinger signaller

  • Provide the correct crane for the job specification

  • Provide the correct slinging equipment

  • Provide signalling arrangements

  • Provide insurance which covers any loss or damage to other property as a result of our own negligence within the period of the lifting contract


The customer is responsible for:

  • Allowing access to the site 

  • Advising us of any local hazards that are not immediately evident

  • Provide information about the load to be lifted


If you need any more information regarding CPA Contract Lift or you are unsure what you need please contact the office on 01590 612688

Just need a Crane? Please see CPA Crane Hire for more information.